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Who can use Humalog Insulin?

Humalog Insulin is prescribed in adults and children with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. This medicine helps balance and stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent episodes of diabetes attacks.


Strengths of Humalog Insulin

Positive reviews of Humalog Insulin:

  • Humalog Insulin works quickly in controlling blood sugar levels.
  • It can be mixed with NPH insulin.
  • Dosage adjustment is possible to meet the patient’s needs.


Weaknesses of Humalog Insulin

Negative reviews of Humalog Insulin:

  • Its effects do not last long to cater to one whole day of blood sugar regulation.
  • One review said that the manufacturer may have altered Humalog Insulin because of its inefficiency after using it for a few years.
  • Although Humalog Insulin works well in controlling blood sugar levels, many notice that the medicine can get worse after a few years of using it.
  • The medicine can trigger side effects like headaches, upset stomach, chest pain, increased blood pressure, and acid reflux.
  • Some Humalog Insulin pens do not work.
  • People can get sick a lot in using Humalog Insulin.
  • Humalog Insulin pens can be hard to use. The button is difficult to use, and not enough insulin is administered.