Best Long Acting Insulin

Long acting insulins stabilize blood sugar levels throughout the day. The best long acting insulins need just one shot per day, preferably at bedtime. They start working few hours after injection and last up to 24 hours


Basalgar is also a long acting insulin. One of its main advantages is that the dose can be adjusted based on your unique body needs


People with Type 1 or latent autoimmune diabetes can use Lantus to effectively stabilize blood sugar spikes after drinks and dinner


Levemir is also a long lasting insulin often prescribed with rapid acting insulin such as bolus to regulate the blood sugar through the day

Soliqua Solostar

Soliqua Solistar is a combination of insulin glargine and lixisenatide. Lixisenatide is an antidiabetic agent that supports the production of more insulin in the pancreas.
Take 100u/33mcg an hour before meal

Toujeo Max Solostar Reviews

Toujeo Max SoloStar is a long-acting insulin manufactured by Sanofi. It contains insulin glargine, which works by lowering glucose levels in the blood. It is specifically formulated to provide a longer duration of action compared to some other insulins, allowing for once-daily administration in most cases.