Novolin Reviews

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Who can use Novolin?

Novolin is a man-made insulin prescribed in adults and children diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. It can be used for both types 1 and 2 diabetes.


Strengths of Novolin

Positive reviews of Novolin:

  • It can be purchased as an OTC medicine.
  • People who have liver and kidney problems can use this treatment, unlike other anti-diabetic medicines.
  • It is available in 2 dosage forms – insulin pen and vial. People can choose freely what to use.
  • They are easily stored and can fit in pockets.
  • One diabetes shared that this product is a lifesaver.


Weaknesses of Novolin

Negative reviews of Novolin:

  • Regular blood sugar checkups are necessary.
  • The medicine can trigger fat buildup or weight gain.
  • Novolin is only available as a brand name. Its price can be high.
  • A male diabetes patient reported gaining 40 pounds after taking this insulin treatment for 1 and a half months.
  • One patient reported developing huge lumps on his belly after using insulin. Additionally, the insulin did not help his numbers, even if he continued to apply the medication.