Tresiba Flextouch Pen

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Who can use Tresiba FlexTouch Pens?

Tresiba FlexTouch Pens are a prescription medicine used to treat high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes mellitus. It is not administered to people with DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis). Its safety is unknown in children under 1 year old.


Strengths of Tresiba FlexTouch Pens

Positive reviews of Tresiba FlexTouch Pens:

  • Dosage adjustment is possible to meet the patient’s needs.
  • Dosage administration is painless as it uses one of the smallest needles.
  • The pens are usable for up to 56 days or 8 weeks.
  • The pens are easily stored or placed in purses or pockets.
  • Although side effects can develop, they subside after injecting multiple times.


Weaknesses of Tresiba FlexTouch Pens

Negative reviews of Tresiba FlexTouch Pens:

  • It can be expensive, as it is only available in a brand name.
  • Severe side effects can happen, such as headaches, dry mouth, constant thirst, stomach cramps, bloating, and blurry vision.
  • A diabetes patient reported constantly getting sick after using Tresiba. He further added about gaining weight quickly, having heart palpitations, lacking energy, and feeling muscle weakness.
  • One patient noted being sent to the ER (emergency room) at least 4 times with severe stomach pain after starting treatment with Tresiba.