Introduction Long-Acting Insulin

Insulin Glargine, known by the brand name Lantus, is a long-acting insulin analog that provides stable and prolonged glucose-lowering effects. It plays a crucial role in the basal insulin regimen for patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Mechanism of Action Long-Acting Insulin

Insulin Glargine forms microprecipitates at the injection site, releasing insulin slowly and providing a steady, peakless absorption profile. This action mimics the body’s basal insulin secretion, maintaining consistent blood glucose levels over 24 hours.

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Clinical Use Long-Acting Insulin

Lantus is typically administered once daily, providing a convenient and effective basal insulin option. It helps manage fasting blood glucose levels and reduces the risk of nocturnal hypoglycemia, a common challenge in diabetes management.

Advantages Long-Acting Insulin

The primary advantage of Insulin Glargine is its long, stable action, which reduces the frequency of insulin injections and helps maintain steady glucose levels. This reduces the burden of diabetes management and improves adherence to insulin therapy.


Insulin Glargine is a vital component in the management of diabetes, offering a reliable and effective solution for maintaining basal insulin levels. Its once-daily administration and stable glucose-lowering effect make it an essential tool in modern diabetes care.

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